The Kunsthal in 2016

The year 2016 was extraordinary as well as successful. The Kunsthal initiated, produced and presented its own travelling exhibition of Peter Lindbergh’s work and managed to sell it to a number of renowned museums abroad. It was a successful year because with 211,677 visitors, we comfortably exceeded the number of visitors we had initially expected. We also received an unprecedented amount of international press coverage and managed to generate higher revenues from sponsorships and fund raising. Numerous different target groups encountered each other in the Kunsthal’s entrance area: ‘outsider artists’, lovers of photography, fashionistas, art lovers, Rotterdam residents, students, talented young people and so on and so forth.

It was also the year in which the Kunsthal presented ‘outsider art’ on a grand scale and encouraged its visitors to get their groove on during the Latin Life Sundays that were organised on the occasion of the summer exhibition ‘Botero. Celebrate Life!’. During ‘All you can Art’ the Kunsthal experimented with a combined exhibition, ‘maker space’ and Summer School. For six weeks, artists and young talent were given an opportunity to work and learn in complete freedom with the Instituto Buena Bista team from Curacao.

In September the cultural season had a spectacular kick-off with the exhibition ‘A Different Vision on Fashion Photography’ by Peter Lindbergh. The arrival of no less than ten world famous supermodels at the Kunsthal, a variety of events in the city, and a flying visit from Tina Turner all enticed the national and international press to come to Rotterdam.

Our collaborations with artists, museums, partners, companies, sponsors, funds and contributors led to a dynamic year for the Kunsthal as a dazzling ‘Palais des Festivals’ with a constant supply of new things to explore. Check The power of collaboration for a comprehensive overview of our collaboration partners.

On behalf of the Kunsthal team I hope you enjoy reading this annual report and look forward to welcoming you again at the Kunsthal.

Emily Ansenk, director



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